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SAT 写作题材之政治与政府整理
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导读:1787: Philadelphia Convention published the U.S. ConstitutionThe signing of the constitution is an unqualified benchmark in United States, and world, history. The constitution's four most impo ...



1787: Philadelphia Convention published the U.S. Constitution

  The signing of the constitution is an unqualified benchmark in United States, and world, history. The constitution's four most important contributions were (1) the electoral process, (2) a system of checks and balances, (3) federalization combined with state control, and (4) protection of individual rights

  1804:Napoleon declared himself emperor of France

  Almost sixteen years after the French Revolution, monarchy returned to France when Napoleon Bonaparte crowned himself emperor; thereafter he was known simply as Napoleon. His Napoleonic Code was a sort of compromise between the aristocratic regime and the revolutionary's egalitarianism, remnants of which are still law in Europe today. He built the largest European empire since the Romans.

  1917:Lenin led Bolshevik Revolution

  Led by Vladimir I. Lenin, the Bolshevik Revolution finalized the end of Czarist Russia and formed a new nation, the Soviet Union. Lenin moved the capital to Moscow, abolished private property, suppressed organized religion, and nationalized business and industry. He also set the model for totalitarianism in the twentieth century and was an impassioned advocate of the Marxist-Leninist system, which he successfully exported to nearly half the world.


  Consider also less egregious examples, such as President Nixon's withholding of information about his active role in the Watergate cover-up. His behavior demonstrated a concern for self- interest above the broader interests of the democratic system that granted his political authority in the first place.


  The sexual scandal of President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky is not only a shame of them, but also in defiance of the societal moral standards based on love, honor, honesty, and duty.

  Clinton's reckless and immoral behavior and its public dissemination had reinforced the publication of sexual acts over the internet, radio, and television, and would inextricably aggravate the wrongdoings of the adolescence.


  In an autocratic society, people are not only encouraged but actually coerced into suppressing individual personality; and indeed these people are afraid to think and behave differently—not for fear of being excluded but rather for fear of punishment and persecution by the state. The modern Communist and Fascist regimes are fitting examples. Every society has its own bundle of values, customs, and mores which most of its members share.


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