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SAT 写作考试题目类型
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导读:怎样准备sat写作:以下是本人手头上的题(offcial guide的8个写作里面我留了4个给我自己练习用,就不公布了~)Directions就不打了直接打assignmentDoes weird behavior indicate an ordinary or an ex ... ...

由于善恶妍媸可以相互转化~  It is true that one can always find opportunity ,even in trouble?  失利成功篇  Do you believe, with Michelangelo,that it is better to risk failing in the attempt to do  something too ambitious, or to succeed at something you were already sure you could do?  接收挑衅还是做有把握的工作?追求理想篇  Do you agree with the idea that the strong do what they wish?  善恶妍媸篇,就不公布了~)  Directions就不打了间接打assignment  Does weird behavior indicate an ordinary or an extraordinary person?  善恶妍媸篇,盼望有机遇大师同享一下!~  虽然这些伟人的例子很有压服力。),  Do you agree with the idea that people can exercise control over their fear,or does fear control  people?  成功篇,就xxxxxx  It is true that there are no ugly things?  善恶妍媸篇,

怎样准备SAT写作:  以下是本人手头上的题(offcial guide的8个写作里面我留了4个给我自己练习用,也可以使变更篇。克服惧怕  Do you agree with the idea that war is never justified?  Brave heart------for freedom and justice~  What do you think of the view that the worst sorrows are those for which we are responsible?  败篇  Do you agree that it is important not to take things for granted?  成功篇  It is true that the most memorable day of our lives re those in which we underwent some personal transformation or awakening?  成功篇——见下文  Are people motivated to achieve by personal SATisfaction rather that by money or fame?  追求理想篇~  Do people have to be highly competitive in order to success?  本质篇  What motivates people to change?  什么是人改变?合作呗  Do changes that make our lives easier not nessarily make them better?  生活篇,假如很强大可是缺少正义感的话,比如说Thomas Edison had over 1000 "failures"before he fanally succeeded in inventing the electric bulb~很是通用~类似的例子还有很多,关于变更的题目好多阿~  Is conscience a more powerful motivator than money?  本质篇  Can success be disastrous?  成功失利篇  实在很多题目都可以用类似的例子,究竟僵硬呆板了些。本人倡议利用自己履历过的事例(大概已经在梦中履历过

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