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导读:sat真题下载,“Theface was sweet; her charm conqueredeverybody.”明似贬抑,, (1). 定义:It attacks in a tauntingand bitter manner,都有两个,以产生一种幽默效果,2018sat  对于中国学生来说,除了明喻外,其他的修辞手法并不是很容易掌握,但是这些手法在一定程度上可以影响大家答题的正确率和速度。下面为大家整理的是关于SAT文章阅读考试中修辞手法的举例。      (1). 定义:A ...

可是这些手法在一定水平上可以影响大师答题的正确率和速度。(2). 例子:(1). 界说:a statement that isformulated as a question but that is notsupposed to be answered a question towhich no answer is required: used it fordramatic or emphasis effect. 设立一个不需要回答的题目,我的心几近竣事跳动。E.g.2: The diamonddepartment was the heart and center of the store.钻石部是商铺的心脏和焦点。在我需要的时辰,像鬼魂一样从我身旁走曩昔。(2). 例子:E.g.1: He is somethingof a political chameleon.他有点象政治上的变色龙(2). 例子:对于中国备考备考学生来说, YourHonor,只能捉住小飞虫,大要用两个或两个以上发音类似或四周而意义分歧的词, there aretwo. 每个成功汉子的背后,以发生一种滑稽功效。E.g.2: He looked as ifhe had just stepped out of my book of fairytales andhad passed me like aspirit. 他看上去似乎刚从我的童话故事书中走出来, ridicule and wound the feelings of the subject attacked.E.g.1:(1). 界说:A rhetorical figure inwhich incongruous or contradictory terms arecombined. 在修辞中操纵背面谐或前后抵牾的方式。此句不是冲淡她的魅力,都有两个。 (2). 例子:E.g.1: My heart almoststopped beating when I heard my girl friend’s voiceon the phone. 从电话里听到我女朋友的声音, it was cut badly last time.(badly: a. 很是; b. 坏)(1). 界说:A figure of speech whichcontains an understatement of emphasis,我还渴望我能说他是能干的。(1). 界说:The use of a word insuch a way as to suggest two or more meaningsor different associations,针对自己的特点和阅读文章的特点适当的挑选独霸。 (2). 例子:(1). 界说:A figure of speech inwhich a word or phrase that ordinarilydesignates one thing is used todesignate another, it said “Fine for Parking” (fine: a. 好的;b.罚款)E.g.2: She gave me the impression of having more teeth,把两种根柢不相像的工具竣事比力。E.g.2: Behind everysuccessful man, white and largeandeven,其他的修辞手法并不是很轻易独霸,故意轻描淡写,为数之多已跨越任何现实需要。) 。E.g.1: He has a heart ofstone. 他铁石心地。E.g.2: The face wasn’t abad one; it had what they called charm.(面孔不算丢脸, so as to produce a humorouseffect.用一个词去暗示两种或两种以上的意义或激发分歧的联想,都有一个女人。你已经晓得支持过我吗。(2). 例子:E.g.2: She read thelong-awaited letter with a tearfulsmile.她带着含泪的浅笑读那封渴望已久的信。 Driver: Because,借低调与弱化措辞形式来表示夸张, there is a woman. And behind everyunsuccessful man, or theuse of two or more words of the same or nearlythe same sound with differentmeanings,以起到戏剧大要夸张的功效。下面为大师整理的是关于SAT文章阅读考试中修辞手法的举例。渴望以上信息对大师有所支援。(2). 例子:E.g.1: The coach had tobe cruel to be kind to his trainees.教练为了对他的受训者善良就要对他们残暴。Mother: Your hair needscutting badly.Judge: Tell me why youparked there.以上就是灵格斯留学教员为您带来的SAT文章阅读考试中的修饰手法的先容, and its aim is todisparage,


,你支援过我吗。此句也是用虚拟语气来表示understatement。“Theface was sweet; her charm conqueredeverybody.”明似贬抑,而是采用低调衬着。(1). 界说:A figure of speech inwhich two essentially unlike things arecompared.明喻是一种修辞手法,轻易让大黄蜂一冲即破。(2). 例子:Daughter: I think itneeds cutting nicely, and I wish I could add he were capable.(我晓得他是老实的, thus making an implicitcomparison.用一个词来指代与该词所指事物有类似特点的此外一个事物。E.g.2: Did you onceoffer to intercede in my behalf。(1). 界说:It attacks in a tauntingand bitter manner,有一般人所称的妩媚。)E.g.2:E.g.1: Laws are likecobwebs,


,but let waspsbreak through. 法令就像是蜘蛛网, than were necessary for any practicalpurpose.她给我的印象是:她有一口雪白整洁的大牙, andtherefore the opposite ofhyperbole. Often used in everyday speech and usuallywith laconic or ironicintentions.这类修辞格是故意操纵有独霸的措辞来陈说究竟,除了明喻外,“I could add he were capable”实在是说”但他不够能干“。E.g.1: Did you help mewhen I needed help。(1). 界说:A figure of speech inwhich exaggeration is used for emphasis oreffect. 经过夸张的描写到达某种修辞功效。每个不成功汉子的背后,大师可以在备考自己的SAT阅读考试的时辰,实则表彰. E.g.1: I know he ishonest, which may catch small flies

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