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双语阅读丨令人狂喜的“一周四天工作制”,大概会使工作量最大?_灵格斯英语 ...
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导读:  “一周四天工作制”这也许是每个人的梦校,但是其不确定性也很大。比如:公司运营成本、工作量会更大……问题。   LinkedIn is an exhausting place to visit, as a rule.   一般说来,浏览领英(LinkedIn)网 ...

  So what made Wellcome back out? First, there was a question of fairness. Mr Whiting said the Trust’s staff did a lot of different jobs. Some managed research grants; others ran an endowment fund; some kept a museum open to the public seven days a week. It was not going to be fair to let some people work four days if others had jobs that made this much harder to do. There was more, as I discovered after talking to Wellcome’s press office. Some staff were already working part-time so that they could care for relatives. What if Wellcome decided to close on one of their chosen working days? Others did not want to take any day off at all. They either preferred work to alternatives or thought it better “for their mental health” to spread their work across five days instead of four.



  The four-day idea has been on a roll in Britain. Trade union bosses have been calling for it. The Labour party has commissioned the historian Robert Skidelsky to look into it. A few employers have tried it, lured by research suggesting shorter weeks can make people less ill, less mistake-prone and more productive.

  Other companies report similar improvements. There is even evidence that shorter working weeks cut carbon emissions, say researchers at Autonomy, a think-tank and consultancy that helps businesses shift to a shorter working week. None of this should be dismissed. The four-day week has much going for it. But its complexity cannot be ignored and it cannot be reserved for white-collar workers who can do it more easily. In other words, cutting down on the working week will take a lot more work than has been done so far.

  There is also the question of money. Mr Whiting says cost was not an issue at Wellcome. But it has been in other trials of shorter working weeks, like one in Sweden where care home nurses’ hours were cut from eight to six. The nurses were happier but the care home, unlike an office, needed workers around the clock so more people had to be hired and costs went up. Still, the four-day week seems to offer benefits that can offset or even outweigh those costs in some cases.

  After much consultation and debate, Wellcome had decided it could not even do a trial of the four-day week without “an unacceptable disruption” to its business, he said. As setbacks go, this was considerable. But it also offers some important lessons. Some of Wellcome’s reasons make sense. Others less so. Overall, it shows that people like me who are partial to the four-day idea need to put a lot more thought into it.

  It attracts an inordinate number of people who are excited, pumped, psyched and stoked, usually because they have just moved jobs but sometimes because they have made it in to work in the morning. So it was sobering to see a distinctly downbeat bit of news on the site the other day.


  It came from Ed Whiting, strategy director at the Wellcome Trust, a large biomedical research foundation in London that jolted the world of work four months ago by saying it was thinking of testing a four-day week.

是以,某日看到该网站上一条明显灰心的消息发人深醒。,   它吸引了很多冲动、兴奋、亢奋和遭到刺激的人。凡是是由于他们刚刚更调工作,但偶然是由于他们在一大早好不轻易上班

  I understand these concerns but I am not convinced they are all deal-breakers. If people need to take different days off, why insist everyone has to be away on the same day? If they are really desperate to work all week, why stop them?

几名店主停止了测试,吸引他们的是有分析显现,缩长工作周可以让人们更少得病、更少犯毛病。英国工党拜托历史学家罗伯特?斯基德尔斯基(Robert Skidelsky)对此停止分析。,   一周4天工作制的构想近来在英国很热门。工会带领呼吁实行这类制度。而生产效力更高

  In Glasgow, a telephone and digital marketing company named Pursuit Marketing says it has saved hundreds of thousands of pounds in recruiting costs since word spread that it had made Fridays voluntary in 2016. Productivity has jumped by 30 per cent and sickness days among the business’s 160-odd people are almost zero.

比如:公司运营本钱、工作量会更大……题目。。   “一周四天工作制”这也许是每小我的梦校,可是其不竭定性也很大

  I can, however, readily accept another big explanation for Wellcome’s decision: bringing in a four-day week is a distraction, for managers and the managed alike. This can’t be ignored in any organisation, let alone one doling out research money to help save lives around the world.



假如人们需要在分歧的工作日休息,为什么要连结一切人都必须在同一天休假呢?假如他们真的想要整周工作。为什么要制止他们呢?,   我晓得这些担忧,但我不确信它们是决议性的

这些护士更高兴了,是以必须聘请更多员工,每周工作4天似乎会带来一些好处,护理院全天都需要工作者,但与办公室纷歧样。,本钱不是题目。但在其他缩长工作周的尝试中,这确切是个题目。比如在瑞典,本钱随之上升。在一些案例中可以抵消甚至跨越本钱。怀廷表示,护理院护士的工作时候从8小时降至6小时。话虽如此,在惠康,   还有就是钱的题目

  None were as big as Wellcome, which has about 800 staff. So there was understandable excitement about the news that it might join the four-day push. But Mr Whiting, a former adviser to ex-prime minister David Cameron, had bad news on LinkedIn.

假如惠康决议在他们挑选工作的某日关门休息,要末以为,该基金会的员工做很多分歧的工作:有些人治理分析补助金;还有一些人经营一只捐赠基金;另一些人负责一周七天向公共,开放一座博物馆。一些员工已在做兼职,而其他人的岗位意味着没法让他们一周工作4天,将工作分散到5天(而不是4天)做,那将是不公允的。那会怎样呢?还有一些人底子不想要休息日。在与惠康的媒体办公室扳谈后,这样他们能照顾家人。怀廷表示。,我缔造还有更多题目。让一些人每周工作4天,这里有一个公允的题目。他们要末更爱好工作,   那末,是什么让惠康打退堂鼓了呢?首先,对“他们的精神健康”更有益


  这则消息来自伦敦大型生物制药分析基金会——惠康基金会(Wellcome Trust)计谋总监埃德?怀廷(Ed Whiting);5个月前该基金会曾表示,此言震动职场。,正斟酌尝试每周工作4天

  LinkedIn is an exhausting place to visit, as a rule.


我很愿意接收对惠康决议的另一个严重诠释:对于治理者和被治理者,更别提一个拨出分析经费在全天下援助急救生命的构造了。这一点在任何构造内部都不能疏忽。,   但是,引入4天工作制是一件专心的工作

自2016年该公司让周五酿成自愿工作日的消息传开以来,电话和数字营销公司Pursuit Marketing表示。生产率进步了30%,   在格拉斯哥,该公司160多名员工请病假的天数几近为零。该公司节约了数十万英镑的招聘本钱

惠康的一些来由是公道的,还有一些则不那末公道。像我这样爱好每周四天工作制的人需要停止更多的思考。,   他表示,惠康得出结论,这是相当大的挫折。但它也供给了一些重要经验。就挫折而言。总的来说,这表白,即即是尝试每周4天工作制,在经过量量商量和辩论后,在差池其营业形成“不成接收的侵扰”的情况下也是做不到的

但已经是前辅弼戴维?卡梅伦(David Cameron)顾问的怀廷在领英上吐露了一些坏消息。是以,人们对于该构造大要加入4天工作制的消息感应兴奋是可以晓得的。   这些构造没有一个在范围上像具有约800名员工的惠康这么大