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导读:  改革后的新gre考试词汇量的考察下降20%,希望考生不要被下降20%所迷惑,虽然对新gre考试词汇春意义的考察减少了,但是更加注重实际语言能力的考察了,所以同学们绝对不能放松对词汇的学习,以下是老师为大家搜素 ...

  attenuate : intensity

  2) to thin out; to weaken

  attenuate : thickness

  attenuate <> intensify, strengthen, make thicker

  attenuated <> dense

  adj: attenuated

  attenuate : strength

  attenuate : force获得更多gre考试征询点击进入>>>>或

  Her enthusiasm was attenuated by the length of the event; she did not like to be kept awake so late.

  Water is commonly used to attenuate strong chemicals.

  attenuate: 削弱; reduced especially in thickness, density, or force; to make thin

才能够在驯服新gre考试的门路上立于不败之地。,俗语说:“万丈高楼高山起”只要正确熟练的独霸了辞汇,是以备考新gre考试辞汇还是迫在眉睫的题目,   新gre对单词的考核并没有下降反而还有所进步

  1) to make thin or weak

  The chemist attenuated the solution by adding water

  3) make thin, weaken, enervate

  attenuate : density

  attenuate : gas

  UNMITIGATED <> attenuated

  Synonyms: debilitate, lessen, weaken

所以同学们绝对不能放松对辞汇的进修,虽然对新gre考试辞汇春意义的考核削减了。  鼎新后的新gre考试辞汇量的考核下降20%,盼望考生不要被下降20%所困惑,可是加倍留意现实说话才能的考核了,以下是教员为大师搜素的有关attenuate的考法及近义词和反义词的整理