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导读:  改革后的新gre考试词汇量的考察下降20%,希望考生不要被下降20%所迷惑,虽然对新gre考试词汇春意义的考察减少了,但是更加注重实际语言能力的考察了,所以同学们绝对不能放松对词汇的学习,以下是老师为大家搜素 ...


使成为不需要,   obviate: v.1.解除,撤销 2.避免

  (v.) to make unnecessary获得更多gre考试征询点击进入>>>>或

盼望考生不要被下降20%所困惑,虽然对新gre考试辞汇春意义的考核削减了,所以同学们绝对不能放松对辞汇的进修,  鼎新后的新gre考试辞汇量的考核下降20%,可是加倍留意现实说话才能的考核了。以下是教员为大师搜素的有关obviate的考法及近义词和反义词的整理

  A cure for the common cold would obviate the need for shelf after shelf of cold remedies.

  obviate : unnecessary = reduce : smaller

  1) to prevent or make unnecessary through anticipation

  Our careful preparations for the move obviated the expense of having the movers help us pack.

  The river was shallow enough to wade across at many points, ehich obviated the need for a bridge.


  obviate <> necessitate

  The invention of cars has obviated the use of horse and carriage.

  Synonyms: avert, hinder, preclude

  obviate : unnecessary = emulate : exemplary 解除•不需要的= 仿效•楷模的