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导读:  改革后的新gre考试词汇量的考察下降20%,希望考生不要被下降20%所迷惑,虽然对新gre考试词汇春意义的考察减少了,但是更加注重实际语言能力的考察了,所以同学们绝对不能放松对词汇的学习,以下是老师为大家搜素 ...


  ambiguous <> obvious, straight获得更多gre考试征询点击进入>>>>或

  【反】distinct, pellucid, patent, blatant, explicit, lucid, perspicuous 明白的,明显的

  【近】doubtful, equivocal, unclear, uncertain


  Frustrated by ambiguous instructions 由于不明白的指导而受挫

  【例】Students have ambiguous feelings about their role in the world. 门生们为他们在天下中的脚色感应苍茫。

  3) vague; subject to more than one interpretation

  1) ill-defined or uncertain; possible to be understood in different ways

  ambiguous : perception 

  有多种晓得方式的;不竭定的:open to more than one interpretation;doubtful or uncertain

  Synonyms: cryptic, enigmatic, indefinite, indeterminate

  The ambiguous law did not make a clear distinction between the new and old land boundary.

  The forensics expert ascertained the body’s age based on the degree to which the facial structure had ambiguous.

  2) not clear; uncertain; vague

  Her habitual sarcasm rendered her statement ambiguous; no one could tell if she really meant what she said.

  ambiguous: 模棱两可的, having two contrary meanings, equivocal

盼望考生不要被下降20%所困惑,  鼎新后的新gre考试辞汇量的考核下降20%,以下是教员为大师搜素的有关ambiguous的考法及近义词和反义词的整理。,所以同学们绝对不能放松对辞汇的进修,可是加倍留意现实说话才能的考核了,虽然对新gre考试辞汇春意义的考核削减了