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新GRE阅读机经: The Color Purple
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导读:下面是老师为大家整理的截止2012年7月份的新GRE机经的阅读部分,这篇是关于The Color Purple的机经,希望可以帮助各位考生打开阅读思路,提高新GRE阅读能力。  The publication of The Color Purple transformed A ...

  以上就是关于The Color Purple的新GRE阅读机经,总结出新GRE阅读的解题,盼望可以援助列位考生更好地备考新GRE。机经的感化是很是重要的,大师可以停止认真阅读,做到杀G成功!,有很多机经会反复考到,从中揣度出出题人的出题思绪

  The publication of The Color Purple transformed Alice Walker from an indu- bitably serious black writer whose fiction belonged to a tradition of gritty, if occasionally "magical," realism into a popular novelist, with all the perquisites and drawbacks attendant on that position. Unlike either The Third Life of Grange Copland (1970) or Meridian (1976), The Color Purple gained imme- diate and widespread public acceptance, winning both the Pulitzer Prize and the American Book Award for 1982-83. At the same time, however, it generated immediate and widespread critical unease over what appeared to be manifest flaws in its composition. Robert Towers, writing in the New York Review of Books, concluded that on the evidence of The Color Purple "Alice Walker still has a lot to learn about plotting and structuring what is clearly 6 intended to be a realistic novel." His opinion was shared by many reviewers, who pointed out variously that in the last third of the book the narrator-protagonist Celie and her friends are propelled toward a fairytale happy ending with more velocity than credibility; that the letters from Nettie, with their disconcertingly literate depictions of life in an African village, intrude into the middle of the main action with little apparent motivation or warrant; and that the device of the letters to God is especially unrealistic inasmuch as it foregoes the concretizing details that traditionally have given the epistolatory form its peculiar verisimilitude: the secret writing-place,the cache, the ruses to enable posting letters, and especially the letters received in return.

这篇是关于“The Color Purple”的机经,盼望可以援助列位考生翻开阅读思绪,进步新GRE阅读才能。,